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HMD, etc. post

Comments, concerns, crit or whatever else about how I play Lockon can be put here. If you need to contact me:

Player's journal: later_days (feel free to pm it)
AIM: metalbender pwns
MSN: motoko.kusanagi@hotmail.com
Or comment here.

All comments are screened and IP logging is OFF. :Db


- Haro
- civilian clothes
- flight suit
- communicator/phone
- his car, a Lancia 037 Stradale
- sniper rifle
- handgun
- missing eye
- eyepatch
- hospital gown
- suit
- a karel for Haro
- GN-002 Gundam Dynames
    ~ GN Drive (needed for power)
    ~ GN Arms Type D
    ~ Dynames Torpedo additions (technically useless, as it's for shooting underwater targets from above the surface, unless Mayfield sprouts an ocean :'D)


001 Target

[For those at 751 Partridge Drive, they will find that they have a very bewildered man, Neil Dylandy, codename Lockon Stratos, wandering around the house. This can't be a joke, unless Miss Sumeragi thought it would be funny to leave him in some really outdated house while she was overly drunk. The odds of that had to be slim, especially under the current circumstances. He knew the other Meisters couldn't be behind this. Setsuna and Tieria were too serious, and this sort of thing didn't appear to be something Allelujah would do. No way Ian, Doctor Moreno, or any of the bridge crew were behind this either.

...Could it be a trap? No. He'd remember if he and the others had been attacked by any of the Trinity siblings' attackers, no doubt in his mind. He pushed aside the doubt and started looking some more. And then he found the family pictures.]

...What the hell? [He took one off the wall and stared at it for a few minutes.] This has to be edited. I don't know any of these people. This isn't my family. My family's dead!

[He put the picture face down on a table, as if doing so would make it disappear from existence. He put it down a little harder than intended, causing the glass to crack. He needed answers from someone, anyone. As soon as possible.]

Been a while since I've used a land line, but I didn't think they were this archaic.... Oh, hang on... is it...? [His voice cuts off for a moment as he taps the receiver.] Ah... it is.

Er... yeah. I seem to have ended up here by mistake. I think someone mugged me... thorough job too, even took my clothes and put me in this... tweed suit. So, whoever you are, good job getting me out of space, but I would like my proper clothes back and-- that oldie is not my car. [Guess who just looked out the window.] It looks like it got stolen from a museum....

Anyway, I just need directions to the nearest airport. I can get myself back... to work from there. Or really, if anyone knows someone who knows a... [Real name or code name? WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE??? To use the less conspicuous name or stick with his codename in case the secrecy police (*cough*TIERIA*cough*) hears this.] Neil, just call me or something, okay? I'm not sure about a phone number to call back... my normal one's missing by the looks of it. I wonder where that's gone off t-- [As he took the phone away from his head, he seems to have accidentally hung up. Whoops. :X]


Just so you guys know, this journal is now going to be used for mayfield_rpg. So if you still have this friended from crucible_rpg or wherever, please do not comment on any posts above this one. (Unless you're looking for the HMD, then by all means, go for it.) All posts below were relevant to crucible_rpg. For those friending this journal for Mayfield, please don't comment to them. I'm leaving them un-private in case anyone has a nostalgia bomb moment. Defriending this journal is up to you, just be aware of the post updates you'll get here and there.

Thanks for your momentary attention~

♥ Tophie

- 19 -

[Once again, Neil is in his room, but there's a relaxed smile on his face as he lounges about on the sofa, no longer holding his door open. Music can be heard in the air and a large number of bright red flowers have popped up all around the room, even surrounding the sofa and the little table behind his head with a bottle of beer on it. And he has no shirt on. Like he cares at the moment... about almost anything.]

You know... this place really is rather nice, I don't know why I ever thought of getting off and going home. I wouldn't mind being able to stay a bit longer.

- 18 -

[Neil doesn't even seem to notice that his sphere turned on as he pokes his head out into the hall. He sees a couple security bots that just passed by on their way to Riku's room and frowns. Ducking back into his room, he grabs up his trusty stick and sneaks up behind them. Raising it above his head, he brings it down as hard as he can over one's top. Along with earning a heavy dent, it falls over. However, it seems Neil's trusty branch is finally done as it snaps on impact and flies off behind him, the recoil sets him off balance for a moment.

Unfortunately, the commotion attracts the attention of the one next to it and it instantly turns on him and opens fire. Before Neil can regain his balance, his yells out in pain and scrambles back for his room. Once back inside, he leans against a wall and looks at the hand he had been instinctively using to put pressure on a wound. Removing it momentarily, he notices a piece of his upper arm had been burned where it had been shot, some of it missing, causing him to swear under his breath. An ache in his side brings his attention to a slice in his shirt just below his chest where a couple more shots had grazed his side. He reaches up to turn on his sphere when he realizes it's already on.]

Damn it.... Uh... if anyone saw that, I'm willing to drag my way over to any of the healers on board.

[Neil slides down the wall to sit on the floor, but he can't quite hide the pain that crosses his face as he does.]

- 17 -

[Some time during the night, Neil failed to realize what had happened to him and the other passengers. So while he sleeps, his sphere shows, what appears to be Amaterasu in his place. He's still a bit sleepy when he wakes up and doesn't notice that he's changed sleeping position so that he's curled up in a ball. He only notices when his brain wakes up a bit and he realizes he is walking on all fours. One glance in the mirror next to him has him jumping back in surprise with a yelp when he finds himself face to face with Amaterasu. But she had jumped with him. And it doesn't explain how he has... white paws? Oh no no no, this has to be some crazy dream. He's imagining it, yes. Slowly, he approaches the mirror again and raises a paw, watching as realization hits that his, or perhaps "her", reflection is copying his movements. As his ears flatten against his head, he walks slowly for the door and heads out into the hall. Once the door shut, he pauses and stands on his rear legs. He presses the paw with the barcode against the scanner, only to find that he is denied access. After a couple more futile attempts, he goes back to all fours and lays down next to the door with a whine.]

- 16 -

[And reporting live from level fifteen, we have Neil Dylandy as he runs a hand through his hair like a comb before leaning back against the wall and grinning lazily at his sphere.]

I think we've got a bit of time to kill before the commander contacts us again. Is there any lovely lady on board who'd be willing to pass it by with me, perhaps over a drink?

[As soon as he winks and does his corny little finger-gun at the sphere, he blinks and scratches at his head before muttering to himself.]

Where in the hell did that come from....

- 15 -

[And with the start of the new cycle, Neil decides to give something a shot with the Holosuite. It takes a while, but he finally manages to get the cockpit of Dynames to appear in the Holosuite along with his flight suit, Haro, and a training simulation. His helmet's sitting next to his seat with the sniping module down as he takes some target practice.]


Yesterday you'd forgiven me
Neil Dylandy [codename: Lockon Stratos]

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