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mr_dynames's Journal

Neil Dylandy [codename: Lockon Stratos]
3 March
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A Sniper's Promise

Name: Neil Dylandy, codename Stupid Sexy Lockon Lockon Stratos

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Series: Gundam 00

Oh mama, oh mama comfort me

Personality: Lockon is a very laid-back individual and often takes on the role of an older brother to some of the other members of Celestial Being (leading to the speculation of an older brother complex, especially towards younger girls, given that his own younger sister died in the terrorist attack that killed his parents as well.) More often than not though, he’s very kind, charming, and very personable. He is also prone to wearing his emotions on his sleeve and can be quite expressive, unlike his brother.

Another side to him is that he can be quite stubborn and headstrong once he sets himself to something, such as carrying a grudge (if he feels like it, anyway). This is best exemplified by his fueled desire to put an end to the terrorism that took his family at any cost: threatening to shoot Setsuna upon learning he was with the terrorist group (the KPSA) behind the deaths of his family, escaping his locked room to fight even though his sniping eye was no good and his Gundam, Dynames, was damaged from the previous fight, all because he knew Ali (former leader of the KPSA) was there. Along with this lesser seen side to his personality, stemming from his long-standing hatred of terrorism, the laid-back and carefree Lockon Stratos is replaced by one who is giving in to anger and bitterness with no regard to his own life. Even as he traded blows with Ali Al-Saachez in his final fight, he was furious and driven to exact the revenge he had sworn for the last ten years. Up until the bitter end, he had hooked up his sniping module to a gun from the destroyed GN Arms he had used initially (his Gundam in no condition to fight and left in Haro’s care to bring back to the Ptolemaios) and used this combination to shoot at Ali’s Gundam, with his non-dominant eye targeting. All the while, he remains bitter towards his target, wanting nothing more than to see him dead even if it costs him his own, which it does. Even as he drifts in space so close to death, he remarks on how he still hates the state of the world.

For I know these awful things have got to be

History: Neil Dylandy was born March 3rd, 2283 in Ireland. There he lived and grew up quite happily with his parents, his twin brother Lyle (younger by a few minutes), and his younger sister, Amy. However, when he was 14, a suicide bombing by the KPSA on a local shopping center claimed the lives of many, including his parents and sister. Unlike Lyle, who had been out of the blast zone, Neil had been buried under rubble and bodies, eventually pulled out alive. Scarred by the event, Neil swore revenge for his family’s death and let it leave him bitter towards terrorism. Later on, at approximately the age of 19 or 20, he was discovered by and recruited into Celestial Being to be a Gundam Meister, utilizing his abilities as a deadly accurate sniper. By 2305, the last of the Meisters was recruited and they all began training together.

In 2307, he made his debut to the world with his Gundam, Dynames, and assisted by Haro when Celestial Being started its armed interventions, beginning with taking out some of the excess military force stationed around the AEU’s orbital elevator (which went against their treaty regulations). With Celestial Being, he helped stage a number of other conflict interventions in Ceylon, South Africa, Taribia, Moralia, South America (where a base for the terrorist group La Eden was located), Azadistan (in order to prevent a mass civil war from breaking out). He also assisted in an impromptu rescue mission when part of a block from the HRL’s lower orbital station broke off by sniping off two emptied blocks from the Earth’s surface. During an attack on the Ptolemaios, the damaged Dynames was used as a fixed gun from one of the ship’s containers until the HRL’s forces made a tactical retreat.

But when the war for freedom has been won

However, everything changed when they went to the Taklamakan Desert. There, Lockon was separated from the other Meisters as they endured a sixteen hour barrage from the combined forces of the HRL, AEU, and the Union. Lockon was almost captured by Union forces when he was rescued by Johann Trinity and given coordinates so they all could have a meeting later in space. Upon returning to space, he and the others learned that the three Trinitys were also Meisters and piloted Gundam Thrones, as well as the existence of Nena’s Haro, who rejected his Haro upon being called “older brother,” most likely due to having its memory erased.

After he and the others had their chat with the Trinity siblings, everything seemed to go downhill. At first it seemed alright when the Trinitys attacked a Union military base, but then there was an attack on the Iris Corporation, a weapons factory that only employed civilians and then an unprovoked attack on a wedding in Spain. That did it for Setsuna, who was promptly followed by Tieria and Lockon, as he went to take on the Trinitys. There, once Lockon showed up, the Trinitys made to retreat but not before revealing Lockon’s true name and that his family had been killed in a KPSA terrorist bombing, a group that Setsuna had been involved with as a child guerilla soldier. Upon learning this, Lockon threatened to kill Setsuna, but didn’t in the end as he started laughing when Setsuna spoke of fighting as a Gundam. From there, they returned to space in time to face the newly combined UN forces and their shiny new mobile suits equipped with fake GN drives.

I promise you I'll put away my gun.

Strengths: Lockon’s a highly talented sniper (as his codename would infer) and Gundam pilot, has some leadership skills, and has very good people skills/is sociable too. He’s very nice and can be quite charming, and has also been shown to be sympathetic and compassionate. And if you couple that with his looks....

Weaknesses: He can be quick to temper, mostly whenever terrorism comes into discussion (a topic that he is extremely sensitive about). In any conversation, the name ‘Ali Al-Saachez’ should never come up. Also, he can’t say no to a girl who needs help, physically or emotionally. He’s got a massive older brother complex, as mentioned in his personality section, which could potentially be used against him (and goes back to the previous point as well). He’s not that great a cook, though he’s able to stick to basics. (Just as a quick example, his sandwiches would be alright, but toast and stuff gets burned constantly. Odds are, he’s probably had at least one or two kitchen appliances bite the dust over the course of his life. XD;;;)


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